We can unlock, install, or repair most systems.

What to expect when you call us for Residential Services:


You're locked out of your house or you need a new key...who you gonna call?

Call us at (909) 942-0282

We'll get you into your house, apartment, or RV. The first step is ALWAYS to call us first. Whether it's for an emergency lock-out or to install something new, we're here to save the day!

We'll collect all of the required information.

We will collect all of your information. Certain details (name, address, driver's license number, date of birth, and proof of ownership) are required by the state of California.

Below is a list of the info and paperwork we need:

  • A photo of Valid ID
  • Name, Address, Driver's License Number, and Date of Birth

Submit your information using the Home Locksmith Form or call us and a team member will take down all of your information and request pictures of certain documents. We'll prepare an invoice, which will include the work order details and pricing.  You'll sign this form and we'll keep it on hand as verification of the work described and cost agreed upon.

We'll give you a cost estimate* based on our conversation and how long it should take for us to get to you.

If you don't decide to work with us, no problem! The locksmith will collect the service fee for showing up (that’s already rolled into the final price), and be on their way.

*Prices will be honored as long as we don’t show up to a totally different job than what was stated on the phone. If there is extra work that needs to be done, extra doors to do, etc. the locksmith will discuss it with you BEFORE any work is done.

The rest is up to us!

We'll get to work. After completion, you will test what we’ve done (lock changes, installs, etc.) or we will confirm with you that it works to ensure that the job was done to your satisfaction.

We care about your home and want to make sure everything is in the same condition it was in when we arrived.  We take pride in not causing damage to your weatherstripping, door, or frame.

We accept cash, credit/debit card Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Got Questions? Call us for Support.

We want to make sure you're comfortable with using us, happy with the work we do, and secure in the knowledge that we are there to support you after the work is done. Please give us a call, and we can discuss any questions/concerns you have. We look forward to working with you!