Wireless Cameras – A Worthy Upgrade for Home Security Systems

Whenever we think of Home Security Systems, we picture state-of-the-art locks and cameras. As time passes by, the crime rate keeps on increasing which makes quality security measures a must-have for every home so as to keep its occupants and their belongings safe.

In this era where most children have never heard of a rotary phone, let alone see one, things have taken a wireless path, including security cameras. Even if you have already installed a security system, you should consider bringing it up to speed with wireless cameras.

They come with hosts of benefits which not only secure your premises but also make your life a lot simple and convenient. Let’s find out how!

  • No wires

The biggest advantage of using wireless cameras is that there are no wires all around your home. This serves many purposes; first of all, it offers better security. These cameras come with their own batteries and transfer the recorded footage wirelessly. This means the burglar cannot just cut the line before busting through a door and entering your house.

Secondly, their installation itself is a hassle-free affair. No wires mean that they can be easily installed without drilling holes or using mounting kits. As a result, you will not have to deal with a hog of wires which look a bit odd in a 21st century home.

  • Flexibility

Since a wireless camera has an inbuilt battery and does not need an external power source, it offers a lot of flexibility in relation to its use. Hence, you can strategically place the camera anywhere you deem fit, without having to worry about the nearest power outlet.

In case you want to move them from one to location to another, it can be done without breaking a sweat. You do not have to go through a time-consuming removal and re-installation process. This also helps to keep the installation cost on the lower side.

  • Saves money

Anything that makes your home safe is rewarded by the insurance agencies in the form of a discount. Having a fire hydrant nearby, living in a gated society, or being a part of Homeowners Association (HOA) can help you save a couple of bucks every month.

But once you install a quality Home Security System with wireless cameras, you can avail a juicy discount of up to 20% on your home insurance premium. Throw in a few more accessories like motion, fire, and carbon monoxide sensors for more savings on your monthly home insurance.

  • Remote surveillance

Some wireless cameras also come with the provision of remote access to the live feed of your home via your smartphone, tablet, or PC. They can also alert you and the local police department when they detect a possible intruder lurking around your humble abode.

Furthermore, this also facilitates monitoring your kids, pets, caregiver, etc. and also helps to find out who has been raiding the refrigerator late at night!

  • Wide range

Another key advantage of wireless cameras is that their receiver can be situated at quite a distance and still receive signals loud and clear. The maximum operational distance largely depends on the camera which you purchase. They are also capable of sending and receiving the signals through walls, glass, furniture, plastic, and so on.

These were some of the advantages of installing a Home Security System with wireless cameras. They not only provide top-notch security but also contribute in saving you money. These cameras can be easily installed anywhere in your home, and thus, allow you to keep an eye on your home even when you are working in your office. Now that makes for a really handy tool for every household, doesn’t it?

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Athena Parker