Why Use Home Security Systems for ‘Burglar-Proofing’ Your Home?

Do you know why people need Home Security Systems? Probably because our population is increasing, and along with it, the number of unemployed individuals. Everybody ought to make a living, but doing so in the absence of sustained income is hard.

As a result, some individuals have no other option but to live a life of crime for making their ends meet. It is this sect of people that is causing distress in the society by indulging in numerous criminal activities like robbery, burglary, break-in, etc.

Many times, events like these lead to huge financial losses, and in extreme cases, even fatalities. So, in order to keep your family members and other valuables at an arm’s length from such occurrences, it is essential to equip your home with a good security system.

In addition to providing an extra layer of protection, these systems also offer numerous other benefits that are listed below:

  • Makes for a Safer Neighborhood

A comprehensive study was undertaken by Rutgers and funded by Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation (AIREF) revealed that the number of security systems in a locality was inversely proportional to the frequency of criminal incidents that occurred there.

In other words, a rise in the number of residential security systems in an area was followed by a significant drop in cases of robberies and burglaries, even in homes that were not equipped with the said security.

Most of the security systems come with surveillance and as a result, miscreants are more likely to get caught. This fear alone can keep most of them at bay from such an area. This way, one not only protects their home but also significantly reduces crime rate in their neighborhood.

  • Protects from Fires

When people think about home security, the first thing that comes to their mind is protection from external threats. However, they fail to identify risks that are already present inside the house such as cooking equipment, electrical appliances, and smoking materials.

According to the U.S Fire Administration, in just a matter of 30 seconds, a small flame can become full-blown fire. Within a few minutes, that fire can fill up the entire home with dense, black smoke which makes breathing an extremely challenging task.

Luckily, you and your family can easily avert a potential tragedy unharmed by the installation of a Home Security System with heat and smoke detectors. It not only alarms you of the fire, but also informs the designated authorities about the incident.

  • Provides Remote Access

The modern security systems are loaded to the brim with features. However, one trait which many individuals find particularly useful is Remote Access. It allows them to monitor what is going on inside and around their humble abode, even when they are miles away from it.

It also enables them to check on their kids at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, one can easily arm or disarm the security to let their children enter or leave the premises without any key. This way, there is no need to hand over a set of keys to the young ones which they might lose.

  • Reduces Cost of Insurance

Homeowners are legally bound to insure their home. This insurance is designed to cover the home and most of its possessions from various events such as natural disasters, theft, fire, and so on. But since the possibility of a home with security system getting vandalized is next to impossible, most agents shave off a healthy 10-20% on their insurance premium. Now that makes alarm systems a really sweet deal!

To sum it up, nothing comes for free and Home Security Systems are no exception to that. However, not installing one in your home can, God forbid, turn out to be a more expensive and disastrous mistake. After getting a security system, you can relax knowing that you have left no stone unturned in protecting your family and belongings. So, have you secured your home yet?

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Athena Parker