Why It’s Time to Ditch the Keys & Adopt Next-Gen Home Security Systems

Rapid technological advancements continue to roll out brand-new innovations every now and then, which aim to simplify every sphere of our life. Now, technology is also knocking at our doors with the aim to revolutionize the home security.

Our homes are often occupied with family members and other valuables assets. Their safety is something which cannot be compromised. Thankfully, technology has given us Keypad Door Locks which ensure their well-being.

These locks mark the unification of simplicity with complexity. Its functions and operations are quite simple whereas the internal locking mechanism is rather very complex, which also makes it fail-proof. This makes it an effective asset in your home security.

Many heroes as well as villains of the big screen have used this locking mechanism for decades to keep their secret lair safe. Once a fiction, the keyless locks are now widely available nowadays for people who want to beef up their residence’s security.

Why embrace this change?

There are two aspects of home security – keeping strangers and criminals out, and letting the right people in and accessing the secured premises. Traditional key gives its bearer the uncontrolled access to your house. Also, they are prone to being lost, forgotten, or stolen.

In case you ever lose or forget your keys, you could end up getting locked out of your own home. Just think of the utter inconvenience and frustration which you will have to deal with. Furthermore, if your key reaches the wrong hands, then your residential security could be compromised.

Let’s suppose that your home service provider, friend, or a relative has a set of keys to your house but no longer needs it. They might not return the keys, and even if they do, how could you be certain that no copies were made?

It is no secret that a standard key can be easily copied. There is also a possibility that the people you have shared the keys with might lose them or not return them at all. This again could pose a serious threat to your residence’s safety. So, what will you do?

Well, when we talk about standard locks, the most you can do to safeguard your home is to get them changed or rekeyed. After the whole episode is over, you distribute the new keys, only to find yourself in the same mess again.

Additional benefits

This not only wastes a lot of time, but also drills a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, keypad door locks can save you from getting stuck in a potentially dangerous position. It allows you to roam about freely without worrying about misplacing your keys. And in case someone has the code but no longer needs it, you can easily change it within seconds!

Another advantage of keypad door locks is that you no longer need to leave a spare key under the flower pot or doormat for your children returning home from school or the neighbors who agreed to water your plants while you are on a vacation.

Unfortunately, keys hidden that way leave your home more prone to an invasion. These hiding spots have been used for so long that the burglars will be pleased if you left your keys in there. Here, the keypad door lock can again save you from trouble.

The door cannot be unlocked without the correct security code, and that is something which the burglars will not be able to find under your doormat. Neat! In case there is an attempt to enter forcibly, an alarm goes off.

That’s all folks! To sum up, we can say that keypad doors are lot more convenient and also offer better security. In a world where crime is increasing every day, you obviously wouldn’t want your home to be an addition to the crime stats, right? So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hire reliable Residential Locksmith Services to securely install the lock meant for the 21st century now!

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Athena Parker