Master Key Systems: What Are They and How You Can Benefit From Them!

As a property owner, you have a non-delegable onus to ensure the safety of your premises. Although locks are used to provide adequate protection for your home or business, they can easily be broken or forced open.

So, if you’re looking for better ways to safeguard your home or office property, then it’s always advisable to hire a legitimate locksmith who can install Master Key Systems throughout your premises. A competent locksmith offers quality products and services beyond simple lock installation, such as Master Key Systems and Access Control Solutions, to restrict and regulate access to your private property.

Acquiring quality residential locksmith services such as Master Key Systems help you to keep your home or business security under control. For those who don’t know what a Master Key System is, it’s a restricted key security system that utilizes a single key to open multiple locks in a building, thereby, reducing the need for a giant key ring. Having a Master Key System installed at your premises is convenient as it makes it easier for you to access different parts of the property without having to fumble through a myriad of keys.

Let’s understand the types of keys used in a Master Key System!

From utmost access to least:

Great Grant Master Key – This key opens all subsequent key systems under it, including Change, Master, and Grand Master Keys. You can continue adding locks until the system becomes extremely complex to operate.

Grand Master Key – This key gives you access to multiple Master Key Systems and helps you open the succeeding Change Keys under those systems.

Master Key – This key turns your simple, one-lock key system into a Master Key system. In some cases, a Master Key, also known as MK is considered as the highest-ranking key.

Change Key – Also known as a Sub-Master Key, Change Key allows you to operate one particular lock, or others that are similar. Moreover, these identical locks can also be opened by the Master Key, and any key above that rank.

For all your master key requirements, it’s always recommended to acquire residential locksmith services from an experienced locksmith.

How Does a Master Key System Work?

Unlike standard lock systems, Master Key Systems use a series of cylindrical locks that are configured to accommodate a hierarchy of keys. These high-security key systems often use pin tumbler locks, which include a driver pin and a key pin. Having said that, these Master Locks use a master wafer/pin (a small hockey puck shaped pin) in between the key pin and the driver pin. When the correct key is inserted in the lock, both pins are lifted so that they rest on the opposite sides of the shear line.

Benefits of a Master Key System

Now that you have understood what a Master Key System is, let’s discuss a few benefits of using this high-security key system:

  • Allows you to gain full access to all parts of your commercial or residential property and also limits the access of people in certain areas.
  • Halts you from carrying heavy and large key rings.
  • Reduces the chances of accidental openings and unwanted intrusions.
  • Prevents you from needlessly investing in expensive new hardware.
  • Provides you additional control and peace of mind knowing that only authorized personnel can access your property.
  • Helps you to streamline your keying system and frees up your pocket for better things.
  • Increases the safety of your premises without having to keep track of numerous different keys or combinations.

As you can see, Master Key Systems come with an abundance of benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Eliminate the need for a bunch of keys and simplify your life by switching to a Master Key System!

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