Understanding the Basics of Magnetic Locks

Before you hire Commercial Locksmith Services to install a locking system at your workplace, it is vital that you have a good idea about the level of security it provides as well as its onboard features.  Today, many different systems are available so you need to be clear about your needs in order to make the best decision.

In the last couple of years, Magnetic Locks (also known as Mag Locks or Electromagnetic Locks) have gained a lot of momentum due to their economic and easy-to-install nature. On top of it, they are very good at their job. Let’s take a closer look at these unconventional locks.

What They Are

As the name suggests, it employs magnets to open and secure a wide variety of entrances ranging from doors to hidden compartments. Much like your usual appliances such as refrigerator or television, they use electricity to work their magic.

What sets them apart from most other locks is that they only have two parts which operate the whole locking mechanism –the electromagnet and the armature plate. The electromagnet uses electricity to magnetize the metal which locks and unlocks the door.

How They Work

The electromagnet is fixed inside the door to protect it from being tampered, while the armature plate is mounted on the door’s face. When current passes through the magnet, it produces a powerful magnetic force which holds it tightly to the plate, and thus, secures the door.

It is usually powered by the building’s electric connection, an independent battery pack or even both. However, a mag lock can only work with Direct Current (DC), which is why a converter should be added to the mix when relying on building’s power.

Why Choose Them

Magnetic locks offer several advantages which make them a better option than the average pin and tumbler locks. They cannot be picked or tampered with, which means the level of security they offer is top-notch.

Let’s delve deeper into magnetic locks and find out what gives them an edge over their traditional counterparts:

  • Installation

Most of the present day lock systems consist a myriad of interconnecting parts. However, that is not the case with magnetic locks. They boast of a simple and intuitive design with only 2 components, namely – a magnet and armature plate.
All you need is a wire to power the magnet and the lock will be good to go. As a result, they are particularly easier to install and live with.  Make sure you know how to work with low-voltage electricity, or call a locksmith that does.

  • Speed

As the name suggests, these locks employ electromagnetic force to secure doors. When someone inserts a key, types in a code, or even pushes a button, it instantly cuts the power to the magnet, and allows the door to open. This is a good way to provide instant access without compromising on security. On the other hand, there are several conventional locks which feature impractical and time-consuming unlocking mechanisms such as twisting the key back to its original position to gain access.

  • Reliability

Another distinct advantage of magnetic locks is that they have absolutely no moving parts at all. This means that a burglar will not be able to damage the lock by simply striking it for a number of times. Even if the intruder possesses tools such as a crowbar, a magnetic lock will sustain minimal wear & tear, and stay put. However, the same cannot be said for everyday cylinder locks.

  • Versatility

Mag locks offer a great degree of versatility as they can be operated in many ways. When used in residential buildings, they are usually connected to a buzzer, which intimates the respective occupant who can unlock the door. Alternatively, it can also be used with a keypad system where a numerical code is needed to unlock the door.

In commercial settings, card readers are often put to use alongside magnet locks. This makes it relatively easy to deactivate a card in case a card is lost or an employee is terminated. Fingerprint and retina scanners, facial recognition, etc. can also be used to beef up the security.

This was all about magnetic locks and how they drive up the security quotient of an office building. In case you do not want a complicated locking system which might confuse you, then magnetic locks are your best bet. They are easy to install, affordable, reliable, and versatile.  What else could you possibly ask for?

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