Beef Up Your Business Security with Access Control Systems

Let’s face it, your business premises contain valuable assets, from equipment and furniture to highly sensitive corporate information, which need to be kept safe and confidential.

And yes, let’s not forget the most valuable asset of all, i.e. the safety and well being of employees, which needs to be your topmost priority when it comes to securing your business.

No matter what industry you serve, protecting your company’s assets is crucial to achieving your long-term business goals. And the best way to ensure this is by keeping away unwanted intruders and allowing only authorized individuals to enter your property. That’s where commercial locksmith services of a competent locksmith come in handy.

A proficient locksmith can help secure your business by installing an Access Control System at your property.

Unlike keys that can be easily lost or replicated, Access Control Systems offer a high level of reliability both in terms of protecting your premises from unauthorized entry and restricting employees from accessing specific areas on the property.

These security systems require credentials for access, which can be in the form of keyed passwords, mobile, key cards, key fobs, or biometric authorizations.

When it comes to choosing an ideal Access Control System for your business, there’s a myriad of options available in the market, including IP Systems, Control Panel Systems, Mobile Access Credentials, Keypad Access, Card Readers, Wireless Access, Free-exit Systems, Buzz-in Systems, etc. Finding out the one that best suits your business can be quite hard. So, the best you can do is contact a commercial locksmith, who can guide you for choosing the most effective solution depending on your requirements.

Besides improving safety and security of your premises, Access Control Systems have a number of other benefits:

Limited Access

By installing an Access Control System at your premises, you can restrict the entry for certain areas on your property. Organizational security tokens such as finger prints, retina scans, palm veins, etc. can be used to provide or deny access to the employees based on their credential status, authorization type, and security clearance. Moreover, anyone without the correct credentials will be barred from accessing your property, thus, protecting your valuable assets as well as sensitive information.

Detailed Audit Trail

Having a full-stack security system installed on your property enables you to detect suspicious entries and revoke valid credentials remotely. Moreover, it helps you track and backup all activity for auditing and compliance purposes. The multilayer protection allows you to create an accessible audit trail that aids in determining the locations of individuals in case of an incident. The audit trail can also be used to resolve certain employee issues, reconstruct past events, clear doubts, and create accurate and reliable audit reports.

Optimal Control & Surveillance

Many Access Control Systems give you the knack of remotely controlling all your locks and doors on the property through one main system called the Master System. This security feature allows you to have higher control over all the entrances of the premises. Some Accessible Control Systems can be linked with a surveillance system, which in turn can give you more control over your employees and ensure they don’t enter certain unauthorized areas on the property. With an Access Control System, you can easily lock down your premises in case of an emergency. Also, it gives you the authority to add as well as remove credentials if necessary.

Customized Access

One of the major drawbacks of lock & key systems is that they are very susceptible to misuse and manipulation. So, whenever the keys are stolen or lost, the only way out is to completely rekey each door on the property, which usually costs a lot of time and money. That’s why Access Control System key cards are way superior to traditional keys. They can be quickly and easily activated/deactivated and reissued, reducing the unnecessary costs associated with key replacements. Unlike traditional keys, access control key cards cannot be replicated, which reduces the chance of future unauthorized entry.

Keep in mind that Access Control Systems are not just for commercial properties, as places like parking garages, hospitals, community centers, teen centers, computer labs, health and fitness centers, and college campuses have found great benefits of using an Access Control System.

Katz’s Lock and Keys is committed to fulfilling all your security needs. We provide top-notch commercial locksmith services to all size businesses.

Contact us today to find out how we can help secure your business property through Access Control Systems.

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