What Are Transponder Keys And How Do They Work?

Let’s face it, losing car keys is extremely exasperating. It is even more stressful if your vehicle uses a transponder chip key or a high-security key.

Now, how would you know whether your vehicle is equipped with a transponder key ignition system? Well, you can simply ask the dealer about the same or read your car manual, just to be sure. Also, if you own a vehicle that was built after 1995, chances are that you have a transponder key for it.

Always remember that if your vehicle contains a transponder, there are minor possibilities for any sort of key replacement that you may need.

Most of the time, you need to acquire automotive locksmith services of a competent locksmith to find out whether or not your car key contains a transponder.

Let’s talk about a transponder key in detail!

Transponder key, in general, is a specially designed hand held key that has an RF transmitter fitted inside it, which prevents the vehicle from being hot-wired. The word transponder is derived from the combination of transmitter and responder. The car key and the ignition act as a transmitter and receiver respectively. This type of key serves as an anti-theft device that won’t let the car start unless there’s a key in the ignition.

A Transponder key is implanted with a microchip (a transponder) that has its own unique serial number known as an electronic digital identity code. The key, when inserted in the lock, sends a radio signal to the vehicle’s motor-receiver which is connected to the ignition switch of the vehicle. The motor-receiver then reads this special encrypted radio frequency and starts the vehicle’s ignition system after recognizing the unique serial number that is embedded within the Electronic Control Unit of the vehicle.

The type of transponder keys used these days is called magnetic coupled transponder systems, which do not require constant electricity or a power source to operate. Instead, these transponders are range limited and only operate in the frequency range area of 125 kHz. Each transponder key is unique, sends a unique radio signal, and is programmed to a specific vehicle.

In case you lost your only set of transponder keys, of course there’s an option of getting a new one, but keep in mind that it won’t resolve the whole problem. So in such a situation, it’s always recommended to have your existing transponder car key re-programmed by a reliable automotive locksmith. If you don’t have the number of a reliable local locksmith in your phone, you may need to contact your vehicle’s manufacturer for more detailed reprogramming instructions.

Always remember, an extra set of transponder keys can make a terrible situation much more bearable. Thus, it is always a good idea to have spare keys for your vehicle so as to avoid the risk of losing your only pair of keys.

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